Frequently Asked Questions

Bookings, payments, airport pickups, how to call your family and friends from France: all your HFR and Paris travel questions answered.


We are pleased to offer you a complimentary VIP private car service for your arrival so that you do not have to worry about transportation when you arrive in Paris.

IF ARRIVING VIA AIRPORT: Your driver will wait for your party outside the Customs gate, bearing a digital sign with your name. He will then call us upon your departure from the airport so that your greeter can time a meet up at the apartment.

IF ARRIVING VIA TRAIN: Once you arrive at the station, exit via the main entrance of the station. Your driver will be waiting for you at the following locations:

• Gare du Nord - upon exiting the station, across the street and slightly to the right there is a restaurant called "Quick" with a large red sign in front. Your driver will be waiting in front of the restaurant with a sign bearing your name.

• Gare de Lyon - upon exiting the station, to your left there will be a hotel "Mercure." Your driver will be waiting in front of the holel with a sign bearing your name.

• Gare Saint-Lazare - to exit the station, take the exit called "Sortie Rue Amsterdam." Your driver will be waiting just outside with a sign bearing your name.

A greeter will meet you at the apartment, show you the apartment, collect any outstanding payment, give you the keys, and answer any other questions you might have.

If you do not wish to use the complimentary pickup service, please be sure to call your greeter on +33 6 08 07 46 98 from a foreign phone, or 06 08 07 46 98 from a French phone one hour before reaching the apartment.

Alternatively you can call our office on +33 1 55 37 97 36 or, locally at 01 55 37 97 36.

Please find below further details to help you organize your arrival:

Upon your arrival in Paris, you are most likely to land in one of the 3 airports that service Paris. Charles de Gaulle (Roissy), Orly, and Beauvais. Most trans continental flights arrive in CDG, and local/European flights arrive in Orly and Beauvais. All three airports are serviced by public transportation, whether it be trains or busses.

If arriving at Paris CDG/Roissy or Orly, you can take the public train line, also known as the RER. There are 4 different RER lines, but the one that services the airport, is the RER B, which is blue. The airport is clearly marked with signs, so you can simply follow them. However, you will need to buy an RER ticket, and as most will not have a French credit card, you will have to go to a 'guichet' or ticket window to purchase your tickets. Now it is very important that you hold onto your ticket after you have boarded the train, as you will need it to get off as well!

CDG/Roissy and Orly are also serviced by busses. For CDG/Roissy there are two main busses that are available, and depending on your point of arrival/departure destinations, there are a few locations offered. The first option is a bus provided directy by Air France. There are pickups/drop offs at Porte Maillot, Montparnasse, and Gare de Lyon. The frequency is approximately every 20 minutes. You can purchase tickets directly on the bus. Please refer to the link below to have further information: Air France

The other bus option for CDG/Roissy provides pickups/drop offs at Opera (Garnier). Again, refer to the link to have information: Roissy Bus

If you are not one for public transportation, there are taxis available at each airport, or if you would like, we can arrange for a private car and chauffeur to pick you up.

If arriving at Beauvais airport, which is a bit further away, there is a shuttle service to and from, that arrives and departs from Porte Maillot. Again, tickets are purchased directly on the bus. For further information, please refer to the link: Beauvais Bus


Your greeter will meet you at the apartment, show you the apartment, collect final payment, and give you the keys.


Our fees are inclusive of all taxes, charges, and cleaning fees. The only extra fees would be if you opted for a service, such as an airport transfer for your departure, cell phone rental, etc.


A Booking Deposit equivalent to 30% of your total rental fee is required to confirm your reservation. This Booking Deposit can be paid either via PayPal or bank credit/debit card.

Then, upon your arrival, the remaining rental balance will be collected in either cash or Traveller's checks.

A refundable Security Deposit equivalent to 30% of the weekly rent of the property you wish to rent is due 10 days before your arrival (we collect this deposit just a few days before your arrival so that we do not prematurely block your funds). We will collect this Security Deposit either via PayPal or bank credit/debit card. This deposit is necessary to cover any breakages or damage to the apartment.

If there has not been any breakage or damage done to the apartment, then the security deposit will be refunded to you within 48 hours after your departure directly to your bank account or to your PayPal account (if you have one).


We have found that some have trouble dialing home internationally, and furthermore, are unsure of how to give their apartment number to family and friends.

Here is what you need to know :

In France, phone numbers are made of 10 digits as follows: 0X YY YY YY YY

The second digit (labelled "X" above) has to do with the localisation of the line (eg. 6 and 7 for mobiles, 1 for Paris, 9 for IP phones).

If you dial a French number locally (from France), you will have to dial the full number with a starting ZERO : 0X YY YY YY YY If you dial a French number internationally (from outside of France), you will have to dial the international code of France and omit the starting ZERO : +33 X YY YY YY YY


If you cancel your booking more than 45 days before the beginning of your stay, your Booking Deposit is 100% refundable. If you book 44 days or less prior to the beginning of your stay, there are no refunds; however, your Booking Deposit can be applied to a future reservation within 1 year or may be transferred to a friend to use instead.

Please note that if you leave the apartment before your agreed check-out date, we will not reimburse unused days.

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